Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike
Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike

Zippi Rippa e-Drive 16" Kids Balance Bike

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The all-new Zippi Rippa e-Drive with brushless technology.

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new plastic design

December Launch, our new and improved plastic design give kids better foot room and enhanced stability. Now included with every bike.

zippi rippa e-drive


The all new Zippi Rippa E-Drive series.

The Ultimate in Kids Electric FUN!

Probably one of the most exciting developments for kids electric bikes has been e-Drive Tech, this allows us to have the motor and drive assembly within the rear wheel so that there are no other moving parts. This eliminates most maintenance, wear and tear and adjustements that are normally required as we do not need a chain, external motor or any of the extra parts that the traditional bike had.
This means a longer lasting bike that is totally silent and as we can build the motor in the wheel we can have higher torque and top speeds which makes the bike more responsive and smoother to use.

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Designed for kids aged 6-10yrs!
It's time to supercharge your kids fun time!

One of the best feelings is that first ride on a bike when you can finally take your feet off the ground and enjoy the Glide. Your kids are not only going to love the Zippi Rippa e-Drive, they are going to learn skills for life with Balance, Throttle Control and soft skills that set them up for bikes for years to come.

Developed for toddlers to young children to give them a platform to learn to ride easily.

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🤩 Forget the standard Balance Bike. 🤩

We all know the feeling of getting to the park and you spend less than 10 minutes walking and the kids are tired already. For young ones the standard balance bike can get tiring, especially when hills are involved. But not with the Zippi Rippa, the added electric power allows your child to ride for long periods without getting tired, and when it does run out of batteries, it free-wheels so it works just like a normal Balance Bike keeping it light and minimising how much you have to carry!

It also prepares them for their pedal bike and beyond by teaching soft skills that are so important for kids from a young age such as Balance, Control, Care, Attention and so much more!

Maximum Fun - Minimum fuss

Fun & Safe with the Zippi Rippa Two Speed Settings

The two speed switch allows the bike to grow with your child. As their confidence grows, their speed can too, simply just adjust the switch from low speed (15km/h) to High speed (30km/h) and watch as it unleashes a whole new element of fun, SPEED!! The two speed switch is located near the battery pack behind an access door and can be reached by leaning the bike over. Best thing is the switch is out of reach from small inquisitive fingers!


Three sizes 12", 16" and 20" depending on your child's age.


The Zippi Rippa actually comes in two different wheel and frame sizes, the 16" (this page) which is designed for children 6 to 10 and the 12" which is designed for 2-6 plus the 20" which is designed for kids 9 to 15yrs. If you are looking for the Rippa's big brother, click here or the image to take you to the other page.

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Electric fun for all kids

Just like a balance bike but with a motor, these bikes are a tonne of fun for kids from 2 until 6 years old. The bike can grow with the child's experience and confidence. Going from using no power at all, to low speed, working up to high speed! Don't waste time with ride on cars and standard balance bikes, the Zippi Rippa does it all and more! You won't be able to wipe the smile off your young one's face when they are riding around on their Zippi Rippa.

Safety First - FUN second

Zippi maintains a focus on the important things when it comes to their bikes, Safety and Fun!  The Zippi Rippa Balance bike is no exception to this with an engine cut so that the kids can concentrate on learning the controls in a safe way without the fear of making a mistake.


Long run time

With 40+ minutes of run time, the Zippi Rippa holds plenty of juice in the tank for a great time. And if you do end up using all that run time up, the Zippi Rippa Balance eBike will free wheel for you so that you can get back to the car or find a charger with ease.

Adjustable Seat Height

The Zippi Rippa 12" has an adjustable seat height of between 39 and 44cm meaning it can grow with your child and they can feel comfortable while they learn how to control the bike. We recommend for younger children to practice with power off until they get the flow and can glide easily.


High Quality

Just like the Zippi Ride, the Zippi Rippa is all about Quality. From the High Strength Frame to the Alloy Handlebars, Nylon Rim's, Lithium-Ion Battery, Pump Up Tyres and Super Comfortable Seat - We build the Zippi so that it's ready for anything your child can throw at it and it's around for years after you purchase.

all the tech specs...

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1 x Zippi Rippa e-Drive Balance E-Bike
1 x 240v Charger
1 x Assembly Sheet
1 x Operators Manual
1 x Assembly Tools

Fast, Easy Assembly

Your Zippi Rippa is delivered fully assembled and ready to ride with the exception of the Handle Bars. There are just 4 bolts to secure the Handlebars on using the supplied tools and you will be riding around in no time. Each Zippi Rippa comes with a Charger, Manual and Tool Kit.

Once you've assembled it fits easily in any vehicle for quick transport to the park or backyard!

Removable and Replaceable Battery

While the Zippi Rippa runs a high quality Lithium Ion Battery, everyone knows that batteries can be a pain, especially if they are fiddly to remove or not replaceable.  The Zippi Rippa e-Drive Balance bike has an easy to remove battery so that you can run one after the other or replace if necessary.

Flat Battery... No Problem

While the Zippi Rippa has great battery life, there does come a time that everything must be charged.  This however is a little different on the Rippa, it can free-wheel once flat which means you can still push it along like a Balance bike and get back to the car or find a charger!

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Your Zippi Rippa in your colour!

Zippi Stride Balance Bike Yellow
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Red
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Purple
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Orange
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Pink
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Blue
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Green
Zippi Stride Balance Bike Black