About Us

Here at Zippi Electric we are all about convenient and epic fun! We are new to the market and shaking things up! We are Australian owned and family operated, meaning as parents we know what we need for our kids…good clean and easy fun that expands their life skills!

Our owners have been part of the motorcycle industry since they were young kids and riding on the weekend was part of the normal routine. But with our busy lifestyles this has become more of a challenge, this is where the electric fun kicks in….

Family Fun doesn’t have to mean hard work, messy clean up or servicing and fuel costs. Our range is silent and low maintenance ….. did we say SILENT! The backyard, the park, a friends house, take your Zippi wherever you go, pop it in the back of the car and away you go, instant fun!

Keep your child active, build on discipline, balance and life skills!