The Nervous Parents guide to Zippi Electric Bikes

The Nervous Parents guide to Zippi Electric Bikes

It’s every parents instinct, how can we protect our children while making sure they have fun and grow into great young adults.

Every child needs to feel free, experience new things and to experiment, but doing so always has it’s risk.

We asked Tina about her experience with purchasing a Zippi and what sort of questions she had before buying to hopefully help others make an informed decision.


When we decided to purchase Rhys’s first motor-bike we had so many questions to ask. 

  • Is it safe? 
  • What if he goes too fast?  
  • How Heavy is it? Will he be able to lift it? 
  • Where can he ride it? 
  • What safety gear should he be wearing? 

After a lot of searching around and talking to people we found the Zippi Electric motorbike and decided to give it a try. 

The things that appealed to us straight away were the way it addressed all our concerns.  

Firstly, it is lightweight, he could hold it on his own! This really built his confidence and he was eager to get going right away!  

We had decided to go down to the local recreation ground as the electric bike was so quiet and wouldn’t intrude on other people’s activities. This was a big plus for us as we had no local motorbike tracks close by to take a regular motorbike to and the noise would really restrict our ability to take Rhys riding at all. 

Rhys found the bike easy to use after a few demonstrations while we walked alongside him, he really picked it up fast. The smile on his face said it all. 

With maximum speed in fast mode reaching 10 kilometers an hour it offered enough speed for Rhys to really enjoy himself while at the same time not turning us into nervous wrecks! 

The beauty of this bike was that it introduced Rhys to the concept of motorcycle riding, the small but important things, such as how to use the throttle, the feeling of going faster and slower, braking and balance. It took away the usual issues of being heavy if it should fall on him, or needing a huge array of specialized gear (we were able to use his Australian Standard bicycle helmet). Also, being so quiet it allowed us to give instructions as needed that he could easily hear and put into practice straight away. 

Now after months of riding his Zippi, Rhys is a confident rider and his parents are no longer nervous about the prospect of him Riding motor bikes into the future!


Learning a skill for life is such an imporant task for young children and the sooner they can feel confident within themselves to do things on their own comes the acomplishment and satisfaction that they have built that skill and can build on it.