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Commonly Asked Questions about Zippi Bikes

How do I know when the battery is running out? Zippi kids asking the tough questions
On the throttle side of the handle bar, the three lights represent full charge (green), running low (orange) and urgent recharge needed (red). Our tip is to warn your child at the orange light as we know the tears will be flowing when the red light is reached. 

How do I know what speed to set the bike on? 
If your child has never been on a Zippi Ride before, whether they are 2 or 5 years old, it is always recommended to use the lower setting. Build safety and confidence, then move on to the higher setting based on their riding ability. Whilst going fast is fun, safety is far more important. 





How old should my child be? 
We recommend from 2 years of age, however you as the parent can judge this based on your individual child, refer to our latest blog “How old should my child be” under our blogs tab for more information. 

What safety gear should my child wear? 
We always recommend wearing long pants and long sleeve tshirt or jumper as well as enclosed shoes and a safety helmet, this can include a push bike helmet or full motorbike helmet. 

How do I charge my Zippi? 
Simply remove the rubber charging cap located on the lower part of the frame, plug your charger into the bike as well as a 240v power point and leave to charge in full. It is recommended to keep the tank switch in the off position, ie pushed down when charging. 

How do I install/remove the training wheels? 
You will need an adjustable spanner, simply loosen the nuts and thread the training wheels on, ensuring the nut is wound back on once installation is complete. To remove the training wheels, simply reverse this process.