COVID Update

COVID Update

Hi Everyone,

We thought it was time to give everyone an update on stock, arrivals and the big one... Christmas!  Supply chain and freight issues are everywhere currently. With Melbourne port closed all container freight is moving through Sydney and many other issues caused by COVID are causing delays for so many businesses.

We have been working hard behind the scenes to secure and repair supply chain issues and our own freight problems associatd with the external factors going on. We have already had a few push backs on ETA's and should have had double the amount of stock on the ground than what has unforutnatly arrived so far.

Good news is that anyone that has pre-ordered for the next shipment or for Christmas are still on track at this stage and we are confident at the moment to say that the delivery should be unafected, just delayed.

We will endevour to keep everyone updated and as soon as we have a confirmed ETA, anyone that has pre-ordered will be the first to know.

If you are lookig to purchase outside of it being a Christmas present pleae let us know so we can allocate you stock and you won't be dissapointed.

Thanks everyone for the patience and understand so far, it's frustrating for everyone!