Christmas 2019 Shipping Times - Zippi

Christmas 2019 Shipping Times - Zippi

Hi Everyone, we want to make sure everyone has the best chance at getting their Zippi Ride Kids eBike under the tree this Christmas. Shipping times below are a guide only as you know, at this time of the year it gets busy!

WA/NT/Regional AUS Standard Shipping Cutoff - 4/12/19
WA/NT/Regional AUS Express Shipping Cutoff - 13/12/19

QLD/SA Metro Standard Shipping Cutoff - 10/12/19
QLD/SA Metro Express Shipping Cutoff - 17/12/19

NSW/VIC/ACT Metro Standard Shipping Cutoff - 13/12/19
NSW/VIC/ACT Metro Express Shipping Cutoff - 18/12/19

Tas Standard Shipping Cutoff - 18/12/19
Tas Express Shipping Cutoff - 19/12/19

Please note as we said above these are guides only and rely completely on the shipping agent, we will do whatever we can to help but unfortunatly it is out of our hands if they become congested.

As always try and get your orders in as early as possible to avoid dissapointment!