How to clean your Zippi Ride

How to clean your Zippi Ride

We all like to keep a clean bike right!?

Knowing how to clean your Zippi will make sure you get many years out of it and keep it in top condition, you also get a chance to check over everything while cleaning to make sure maintenance wise you are on-top of it!

Here is a simple guide to helping you clean your Zippi in the best way possible.

Step 1. - Prepare

- Warm soapy water
- Soft sponge
- Hose with fresh water
- Plastic bag
- Rubber Band or Tape
- Dry towel or Chamois

Kids electric bike ready to wash

Step 2. - Cover up!

Grab your plastic bag you prepared earlier and cover the throttle (RHS grip) with the bag and use the rubber band or tape to seal it up like below:

Electric bike washing

This makes sure no water gets into the throttle as we don't need it in there!

Next cover up the charging hole with the provided rubber boot to ensure no water gets in!

Step 3. - Soap it up!

Get your Warm soapy water and sponge over the bike making sure to clean over the whole bike.

kids electric bike soapy

Step 4. - Wash it down!

Once you have the bike all soaped up, leave for a few minutes then wash off with fresh water. Be careful not to spray directly on the engine, while it won't hurt it, we don't want to unnecessarily get it wet :)

Spray down of kids electric bikeWashing electric bike

Step 5. - Dry it off!

Now the bike is all clean, let's wipe it over with a dry towel or chamois, this will ensure that the bike dry's clean and clear.

Drying off electric bikeDrying off electric kids bike

That's it... simple as 5 steps!

Now take it out and lets get it dirty again :)

Ready to get dirty on the kids electric bike