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Electric Kids Car or Zippi Bike?

Having an electric ride vehicle is super fun, it also teaches children a range of different skills to help them develop into balanced kids.

Electric Car

But let's take a closer look at the pro's and con's of both and let you be the judge of that.

Lets start with the Ride on Electric Car:


  • Convenient and light weight
  • Any skill level can use them
  • Normally come with two speeds
  • Teaches soft skills in steering
  • Comes in many styles and colours


  • Outgrown quickly (short age range)
  • Battery life can be very short
  • Difficult to transport
  • No good for rough surfaces

Now for a look at the Zippi Ride Electric E-Bike:


  • Large age range (2-9)
  • Long battery life of up to 3 hours
  • Great on the dirt, gravel and hard surfaces
  • Teaches balance, throttle control and steering
  • Training wheels allow for all skill levels
  • Small and convenient to take places
  • Large colour range
  • Real inflatable tyres for durability


  • Cmon... really??? I've got nothing ;)

Electric car vs electric bike

There you have it, we maybe a little biased but I think you'll agree the Zippi is a true alternative to the traditional electric ride on car and can set your child up to WIN with skills they will continue to use throughout their lives with a bike that can grow with them.